B.I.T.S. (Balanced Innovative Teaching Strategies, Inc.
Educational Programs and Field Trips
BITS, Inc., started in 1986, has been recognized by the government and private entities
as an outstanding program serving students from pre-school through college with
stunning results. Students have a customized plan with activities and goals consistent
with their ability. In addition to working with students who are mentally and physically
challenged, the program has also been incorporated into many school curricula. “It
didn’t take us long to realize that learning about horses and how to care for them is an
excellent vehicle to teach math, history and writing. The children are excited to
participate, and even those who are chronically absent from school never miss a day,”
observes Ms. Cross, who was trained as a teacher and spent many years in the
classroom. To date, BITS has worked with over 80 schools, agencies and
organizations, providing services to over 2000 students annually.

Every year, for more than 20 years, hundreds of first and second-graders from inner-
city school districts take their first field trips to Little Brook Farm. Many of these children
have never been outside of the city, and the experience is valuable to them in so many
ways. For these children, the Field Trip is incorporated into their curriculum to fulfill the
Humane Education requirements of New York State. Many of the students, as teens
and young adults, can recount all the activities they participated in on their field trip to
the farm when they recognize Lynn Cross outside of the farm, or when they come to
Field Trips
Vocational Education and
Experiential Learning
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