Come To Little Brook Farm for your College Internship!
Create your own program!

Whether you are majoring in psychology, photography, education, social sciences,
animal sciences, equine business, animal law, occupational therapy, etc., we can
work with you to create an internship experience that meets the standards of your
college or university.  It is our goal to provide our interns with a positive learning
experience that helps them as much as their work helps us!

With so many different things going on at the Farm on a daily basis, it is always
interesting. Depending on your major or particular focus, we can tailor your
experiences to fit your needs. For example; Education majors may accompany Lynn
when she teaches at local schools, help organize lesson plans, or assist with the
many classes that come to Little Brook Farm for their Humane Education
requirements, etc. Equine Studies majors can pick from the vast variety of disciplines
and programs offered at LBF to suit their particular interests.  Please contact us to set
up an interview!
Left: There's time for fun too!
Our intern, Rachel Spiegelman,
from Cazenovia College rides
Portia out on a trail.
Rachel Spiegelman photo