Vaulting at Little Brook Farm
summer camps in addition to traditional and
therapeutic riding instruction. Vaulting
lessons are taught by silver medal vaulter,
Elisabeth Spoto, and her mother, Dianne
Spoto. Occasionally, students have the Little
Brook Farm offers vaulting lessons and
instruction by World Equestrian Games
winner, Devon Maitozo, when he comes to
practice on our vaulting horse, Devlan.

In their lessons, students learn to stretch
properly and warm-up, and spend a great
deal of time practicing their skills on the
"barrel." After they learn to properly execute
the moves on the barrel, students then begin
to practice their skills on one of our lovely
vaulting horses. Students that have a serious
interest in vaulting may then take their skills
to competitions. Many of our vaulters perform  
at fund raising events and horse shows at
the Farm.
Above: Instructor, Lis Spoto,
warms up while her mother,
Dianne, gets Devlan ready
(in the background).
Above: Campers get ready to
vault on our vaulting pony, Sam.
Below: Two campers pose on
Sam after a fun lesson.
Above: Campers performing their
barrel routine at a Little Brook
Farm annual fund raiser.
Below: World Equestrian Games
Gold Medalist, Devon Maitozo,
vaults on Devlan, our beautiful
18.1 hand Hanoverian gelding.