How you can help
Due to the rising cost of hay and grain, Little Brook Farm continues to
struggle to maintain its 65 horses. Through the generosity of donors
and volunteers, LBF is able to continue helping children and animals
alike. Little Brook Farm receives no government funding and 100% of
donations contribute to the care of our animals.
animals. Since Little Brook Farm's inception
more than 30 years ago, scores of children
Little Brook Farm is not only a sanctuary for
and adults have come to the Farm for
physical, mental and emotional therapy,
educational programs and fun! The reasons
for which people come to LBF vary greatly, but
the result is always the same: the
relationships developed here create an
atmosphere for mental and physical growth
and an overall feeling of security.

Many of the volunteers at Little Brook Farm
come here to forget the stress of everyday life,
good about.  There is always something one
can do to help! Whether you want to simply
come and give rescued animals some much
appreciated attention, or roll up your sleeves
and clean some stalls, we would love to meet

Currently, there are no paid staff at LBF, and
only a small group of dedicated volunteers
work long hours to ensure the animals all
receive the excellent quality care they are
accustomed to.  Your help will not only support
the rescued animals, but it will also give our
weary bodies some much-needed rest and
free up our time to work on projects that
always get pushed to the bottom of the daily
priority list.
Rachel Spiegelman photo